Don’t let your relocation to London get you down. Relocation here as an American means that you’re probably suffering the pangs of early homesickness. It’s to be expected. You’ve left your home, your friends and a life that you’ve no doubt become very accustomed to, so any American moving to London would feel that way.. Something that can help you to overcome those pangs of homesickness is to catch up on things that you miss from home. Short of actually flying back to the States every so often (impractical either due to time or cost) you might be thinking how you’re supposed to accomplish that. Not to worry.  This is a big city and if you look hard enough, you just might find what you’re looking for. One thing that is as American as the 4th of July is baseball!  While you might not immediately associate it with London, rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy a ballgame, even in the UK.

While you’re more likely to look at cricket as England’s bat-and-ball game of choice (and you’re probably right), you’ll be surprised to find that the UK has a long history of baseball. The game was brought to England in 1890 by an Englishman, one Francis Ley, who had found out about the baseball while on a trip to America. While obviously not as popular here as it is in the States, it has still managed to pick up a following. England even holds the distinction of beating the United States and winning the first World Cup of Baseball in 1938.

Today, you’ll be able to grab your mitt, ball and bat and head down to the pitch for a game. Right now, there are more than 40 baseball teams based all over the UK (that’s inside and outside of London). While it might not be as easy to find as a cricket game, ask around and you’ll probably be pointed in the right direction. London has quite a large American community. Ask your London relocation agents if they know where you’re likely to find a ball game. Or go online and pay a visit to the website for the British Baseball Federation to find a club near your area. Even though you’re moving, there’s no reason for you to leave everything back in America.

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