Don’t move to London, unless you’re prepared to fall hopelessly in love with this city…

Oh, and it’s a perfect time to move to London, right now. Slightly ahead of the summer rush and price hike in apartment rental prices in London, far enough away from the bitter winter chill/snow/sleet/hail/rain/floods and the first signs of spring starting to appear across the city. Though it was a chilly 10 degrees Celsius (get used to Celsius over Fahrenheit if you’re going to move to London from the US) today, I hoping that spring IS indeed going to get here soon.


Don’t Move to London If You Hate Spring (Who Hates Spring?)

London is glorious in spring – my favourite time of the year, London lovelies. As March gently melds into April, things really start to pick up the pace in London. There’s the London Marathon and the London to Paris bike ride, but if you’re anything like me, you like to stop and literally smell the spring flowers, and enjoy the finer things in London in the springtime.

The London Coffee Festival

If you’re looking for me between the 7th and 10th of April, this is where I’ll be. The London Coffee Festival is a coffee lovers cornucopia. Learn about coffee and food pairing, join a coffee master class or taste some of the world’s finest coffee blends. But enough of that! It’s spring – you have to head outside – with your coffee made by the world’s hottest, I mean best, baristas 😉

Kew Gardens – The Crocus Carpet

When I said stop and smell the flowers – you’ll have to start at Kew Gardens and in particular at the Crocus Carpet between Victoria Gate and King William’s Temple. I love Kew Gardens at any time of year, but it’s spectacular in March and April. The Cherry Walk and the Camellias along the path from Victoria Gate to the Shirley Sherwood Gallery are both a real treat.

St. James’s Park

move to London

The oldest of the Royal Parks and visited by millions of tourists, St. James’s Park includes The Mall, and this years is the site of the start and finish lines of the London Marathon. Take a look at the Top Ten Things to do in the Royal Parks this Spring and plan your weekends accordingly!


There is a palpable sense of excitement in London during March and on into April and May. If you’re making the move to London, it’s a thrilling time to get settled in with loads to do, see and explore in your new playground. The biggest benefit is that the crowds have not yet arrived, you’ll be able to head off somewhere else with the rest of your fellow Londoners come the summer, and know that you’re already settled into your fabulous new London life.

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