Many are shocked to discover how much smaller London homes are than their American counterparts.  Although they’ve been warned too many families find themselves with too much stuff and not enough space after moving to London from America.  When that happens they must find a place to put all their stuff.  When families have too much stuff and don’t want to get rid of it they must turn to storage.  On both sides of the pond are great self-storage facilities ideal for families moving overseas.

It is always a good idea for families not making a permanent move to put as much furniture and other household items in storage in their hometown in the US.  That way once they return their items will be waiting for them.  After moving to London from America it is also a good idea to rent a self-storage unit as most likely every family will need some extra space.

Self-storage in London is popular for keeping bikes during the winter, out-of-season clothing, gifts and souvenirs to be brought back to the States and holiday decorations. If a family feels like they are bursting at the seams in the United States they are in for quite a shock when they move into their new flat!  Most US homes have storage space like basements, attics, lots of closets and garages.  That is not the case in England making self-storage units very popular for those moving to London from America.

Of course one should use common sense when renting a self-storage locker after moving from America.  Choose one located either in a central location or nearby one’s home, check for top-notch security systems and, by all means, get the right size.  Storage unit managers are happy to help families determine what size they will need.  While packing families should only use strong boxes and label each one with as much description as possible to save time when searching for something.

There are plenty of things families must get used to when moving from America and downsizing is just one.  If not handled properly it can be disastrous for the family.  Not only will moving unnecessary items for which there is no room costly, it will diminish room for the family in the new flat.  Self-storage is the best option and will make life much better for families after moving to London from America.

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