After moving to London England many Americans not only want to participate in cultural events but also want to slim their waistlines to blend in with the notoriously fashionably thin British crowds.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting health and the weeks and months for Americans after moving to England is the perfect time to reach that goal.   First of all most people realize quickly after moving to England that the British walk much more in their daily lives than the majority of Americans.  With the average local family not owning a vehicle and relying, instead, on public transportation walking long distances becomes second nature in no time at all.  Just by abandoning the car most will quickly shed some unwanted pounds and build muscle shortly after moving to England. Another fun way to get into better shape after the holidays and a stressful international relocation is to run in the 2012 Virgin London Marathon.

This annual event started in 1981 after dedicated runners experienced the New York Marathon firsthand.  They were so inspired by the camaraderie and spectator encouragement of the world famous marathon that they set about to create one equal in stature to London.  In 1981 there were fewer than 7,000 runners but the event was a success nonetheless.  Over the past three decades the event has grown and in 2010 over 36,000 runners from around the world ran in the marathon. After moving to London England setting a reasonable goal is a good way to get settled into a new way of living.  Like many other marathons there are training teams for the Virgin London Marathon that train either year round or a few months before the event.  Joining one of the groups will not only help prepare a newcomer to marathons but also introduce one to new people in a new town – a welcome gift after moving to London England!  Whether one wants to lose ten pounds or thirty, wishes to increase their running stamina or just wants to get healthier all the way around they are in the perfect location after moving to England.

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