A top priority on any excursion to another place is lodging, for without that, well let’s face it, you’d be living on the street which is not a pleasant thought when you are in a unfamiliar place or foreign country. Since accommodations are such a high priority, we will take a look at the various options available to those moving to London.

Short-Term Accommodations

If you are only planning on staying for a very short period of time then you probably only require the use of a hotel or hostel room. These are what most travelers utilize and they generally provide what you need and are located near shops and services to make your trip pleasant.

However, if you are moving to London from US, another country, or even from within another location in the UK, you will want to find your own place as soon as possible. Hostels, which are considered to be some of the cheapest accommodations for travelers, will cost you a weekly amount of between £70 and £100.

A much better option is to locate London short term rentals. By renting serviced apartments, London can be visited and enjoyed from an atmosphere that not only meets your daily needs, but also provides a home-like setting where you can relax and entertain new friends.

Of course, you might also look for a roommate to share London flats with, but they require time to find, some knowledge of the areas of the city, and a bit of risk. For example, you just may get stuck living with someone you don’t get along with or who lives in an apartment in a dangerous part of town.

Should you choose this route, you can search for rentals in the classifieds paper called The Loot, or register online with either Flatmate Click or Easy Roommate. You should also keep in mind that London apartments and flats are much smaller than in some other countries such as the United States.

Long-Term Housing

If you plan on living in England for quite some time then you will definitely want to locate more permanent housing in a relative short period, if not before you actually arrive. The short-term options we’ve discussed might serve you for briefly while you look for better housing, but you have to take into consideration that they are quite expensive.

Should you know ahead of time that you are relocating to London, the best option would be to utilize relocation consultants to locate available properties to buy or rent. Such professionals offer a variety of advantages for those seeking accommodations in the city. Consultants know the different areas and can locate accommodations with necessary facilities nearby, they know the local housing market very well, and they are skilled negotiators that can get you the best deals.

Besides being able to find you a place to stay, your relocation consultant will also provide assistance with obtaining visas and helping you move your belongings to your new home. Being able to place so many of your moving details into the hands of a professional will, undoubtedly, make your relocation pleasant and worry free.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS