Choosing a flat can be very stressful, especially if you are a parent. From deciding on what size flat you want, to thinking about your budget and the accessibility to your child’s school; it is likely your children will want some time to have fun after all the hard work. Getting London flats near the London Underground enables you to hop on the tube and have a family day out at the zoo!

Save Money On Your Ticket

Money-saving tips are always worthwhile when finding flats, because living in the city can sometimes be rather expensive. When visiting ZSL London Zoo, consider buying your tickets in advance through the official website. Think about taking a group of people to the zoo with you, which could be new friends and their children that you have met while relocating to the city, or your own family. Group bookings will save you money due to discounted rates. Another benefit of buying your zoo ticket in advance after buying a flat is that you can jump the queue, so your children can see the animals straight away.

Teach Your Children About Science

Visiting the ZSL London Zoo after investing in flats is not only a way to de-stress and give the children something to do, but it also helps to educate your children too. The zoo offers guests the chance to learn about natural disasters, habitats of the animals and evolution. While the website offers visitors videos on wildlife epidemiology, visiting the zoo itself has a research center, which is split into four sections. Behavioral and population ecology can be learnt about here after buying flats, as well as information relating to biodiversity and macreocology.

Animals & Events at ZSL London Zoo

Incorporated within the price of a ticket to London Zoo, after buying a flat, is the chance to come up-close and personal with a number of extraordinary animals. In addition to this, guests can discover different events on particular calendar dates. The zoo is split up into sections, so adults and children can visit the Gorilla Kingdom, Penguin Beach, Rainforest Life, the Aquarium, Big Cats, B.U.G.S., Butterfly Paradise and many more. If you visit their official website on the day you book to visit the zoo, you can discover what daily events are taking place. Common events include storytelling for things such as bugs, lions, penguins, monkeys and reindeers. Plan your trip to ZSL London Zoo when you purchase a flat to ensure your children get the fun they deserve after a tiring relocation.

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