London is an exciting city within a beautiful country which offers both adventure and opportunity to those who might want to embrace a long-term visit. However, if you are planning on a move to England then there are some important aspects that you must first consider, especially if you are moving to London from US. Following are some key steps for relocating to London that will help you make your transition easier.

Step 1: Obtain some knowledge of the country and culture.

Before striking out on an international move, you should first understand some key differences. For starters, England is different from the UK.  You should not refer to people from Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland as “English” as they can become quite upset. Also, some laws, terminology and spellings may be somewhat different that what you’re used to. It is advisable to learn some of the most common and import differences before your arrival.

Step 2: Find out what type of visa you qualify for.

While you’re learning some background on the country, find out what kind of visa you qualify for that will allow you into the country. If you plan on living long-term and working in the country then keep in mind that certain visas allow work while others do not. For example, a travel visa is good for 6 months, but does not allow you to work in London or the UK. If you are a US citizen & relocating to London to work at a US company then you can receive payment in US dollars, but you still must obtain a work visa and will be required to pay taxes under UK law.

Step 3: Start your search for a home or apartment.

There are plenty of flats for rent in London as well as other forms of available housing in London. One of the best ways to locate London property for sale or rent from outside the UK is to utilize estate agents who have listings of available properties in all areas of interest such as beautiful Belsize Park apartments or St John’s Wood apartments. Be sure to let your agent know if you are planning an extended stay. A couple of tips when looking for housing accommodations: 1. Make sure it is close to public transportation routes, and 2. Strongly consider one with windows facing south since there are only about 5 hours of daylight during dreary English winters.

Step 4: Start looking for a job.

If you are planning a long-term stay then you will need to work in order to meet financial obligations. There are various UK job-seeking websites online which allow you to seek employment before ever arriving. If you prefer to search for a job after arriving in the city then you can visit an employment agency, job center, or strike out looking the old fashioned way with a newspaper and cell phone. You might also check on companies from your country that operate in England and that offer corporate relocation services.

If you follow these steps and take your time to prepare both yourself and your arrival to London, you will find that your transition is both less stressful and more rewarding.

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