One of the benefits to moving to London is all the interesting neighborhoods right at one’s disposal perfect for a day of exploring.  Tucked within the borders of Westminster Council is the quaint neighborhood of Marylebone – odd sounding, but worth the trip. One of the oldest of neighborhoods Marylebone offers some of the best, most eclectic shopping in the city.  It is also home to many sight-seeing hotspots.  The picturesque setting of the area has brought superstars such as Madonna to call it home and Sir Paul McCartney to choose it as the location of not one, but two weddings.

Unlike other neighborhoods Marylebone High Road is very well planned with independent, unique shops, pubs and cafés lining the street drawing visitors from all over to explore.  An escape from the large malls this strip of town offers everything from a haberdashery to a gourmet cooking store.  A farmer’s market is on site as well.

The Wallace Collection, an art museum world renowned, is located in Marylebone putting it on the map of  neighborhoods to visit.  Located in a massive townhouse the collection features twenty-five galleries of 18th century paintings, furniture and other Old World items for which visitors can marvel.  Much more than just a National Museum the Wallace Collection has learning programs for adults and children as well as several communities activities each year.

Perhaps one of the biggest draws to Marylebone is its proximity to Regent’s Park, London’s largest park for sport events.  Residents and visitors alike can enjoy a nice stroll through the park and several activities while visiting nearby neighborhoods.  Open year round Regent’s Park is home to the London Zoo which makes a trip to Marylebone even more appealing to those having just moved with a family.

Regardless of where a family may end up living after moving to London a visit to Marylebone is required.  Considered by some to be a small town within the big city this prettiest of neighborhoods is sure to impress with something for every member of the family.  Getting away from the hustle and bustle of some of the busier neighborhoods is much needed after a stressful international relocation.

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