When many people decide they will be moving to London they immediately begin searching London neighborhoods to find the perfect location for their stay.  Sticker shock almost always sets in after looking at just a few properties as London is quite a bit more expensive than the vast majority of US cities, especially when it comes to housing.  Rather than sacrifice location and safety when choosing from London neighborhoods that fit one’s budget, Americans should consider a house share.

The favorite neighborhoods of Americans are quite expensive for the average bloke.  Those wishing to live in Chelsea or Soho had better come with deep pockets or look outside the box. A house share is a British way of saying to rent a room.  This is a great idea for singles moving to London as they are generally furnished, include utilities and have a built in social life.

House shares in popular neighborhoods usually are well-appointed and very similar to a home back in the States.  Basic utilities are usually included like gas, electricity and water as is wi-fi internet.  Phone is not included.  Television services vary.  Prices are set by the week and contract lengths depend on the management company or homeowner renting the room.

Unlike in the United States many house shares put two strangers in a bedroom together.  Of course one can always have a single room but it will cost more than sharing.  Bathrooms are almost always shared as are main living areas.  The benefits to a house share over an flat is the size of the home is usually much, much larger than what most singles can afford.  Also, the amenities in the home are of a much higher quality.

The most important benefit to a house share is being able to live in the most sought after neighborhoods for not much more than a tiny flat in one of the dangerous neighborhoods.  Add into those benefits having a yard with a picnic table and grill (if one finds a home and not a flat) for entertaining friends and automatically meeting other young singles and the decision is practically already made.

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