Quite a few Americans like to stray off the beaten path when searching for apartments for rent. For those wanting a unique, yet historically significant neighborhood with a variety of flats for a variety of budgets a trip to the Docklands is due.  Originally home to our world famous port of past centuries the area has been completely renovated over the last thirty years to produce a modern, thriving community. Located in South and Southeast London, comprising several London neighborhoods, the Docklands offers many opportunities for anyone in search of an apartment for rent.


Isle of Dogs – Perhaps most famous for the Canary Wharf development this once swampy area is now a thriving family environment.  Some of the features of the Isle of Dogs is the Island Garden, a lovely park that runs alongside the Thames River, Mudchute City Farm and Park, a large inner-city farm that educates locals about animal welfare and teaches traditional British country activities and crafts, and the Kingsley Hall Community Centre which offers many social and cultural events to the community.  With many lovely parks and adequate transportation to the city the Isle of Dogs is a great place to consider when searching for flats.

Greenwich – Americans wishing to live in the center of the world should consider Greenwich, home to the prime meridian.  This historical area of London thrives today due to its rich and glorious history.  One of the main attractions is the Cutty Sark, a renovated clipper ship, permanently moored at Greenwich.  Greenwich Park is also a huge attraction for the area with its National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory.  The Town Centre is impressive in and of itself with its Georgian and Victorian homes and businesses lining the streets surrounding the open market.

These are just two of the many lovely neighborhoods considered to be part of the Docklands.  Although many Americans moving here tend to focus on the Northwest neighborhoods, like Chelsea and Kensington, there are many wonderful neighborhoods scattered throughout the city that would be ideal for a variety of families relocating.  So, before limiting one’s search on a few areas popular with Americans when moving to the city American expats should consider areas like the Docklands when searching apartments for rent.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS