Welcome once again, Weekend Warriors! Join me for another installment of the history of the British monarchy as you get geared up for your London relocation. Last week, we saw the beginnings of Richard II‘s reign. The beginning of the end, I should say… These monarchs seem to be alternating good-bad-good-bad lately…whereas we for the most part saw a decent reign under Edward III, his grandson seems to be mucking things up by offending the government with his favorites. Well, as we saw last time, the Lords Appellant saw to that effectively enough, so they’ve now had the King of England’s cooperation since 1388. Until 1397. First of all, can I just throw in here the fact that, during this time Richard II‘s first wife has died and he’s just gotten remarried in 1396—to a seven-year-old??! Isabella, the daughter of Charles VI of France, to be precise, whom Richard II marries to appease France and put an end to conflict. Uh, yeah. So, moving on, in 1397 Richard does rise against the Lords Appellant, drawing from the support he’s been gathering of a strengthened royalist party. It’s tit for tat as Richard arrests and executes three of the Lords and banishes the remaining two, one of which is Henry Bolingbroke, son of John of Gaunt and thus Richard II’s cousin. Make note of him… …For while Richard is in Ireland in 1399 tending to quarrels there, Henry Bolingbroke returns to England and is crowned King Henry IV by Parliament. Richard II surrenders upon his return to England; he is imprisoned and eventually murdered that same year. On that down note, enjoy the rest of your weekend, my dear Warriors, and let London Relocation know if we can help you find your  apartment or assist with other questions you may have about moving to London.

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