As one of the many famous theatres to visit when living in or near London apartments for rent, The Cambridge Theatre is a favorite for many people. With fantastic shows taking place here today, including Roald Dahl’s Matilda musical, this theatre is very current with constantly updated events. The history of this building is interesting to learn about and displays why this is such a well-known area to visit when residing in London apartments for rent.

The Opening

On September 4th 1930, The Cambridge Theatre opened its doors to people living in and around London apartments for rent. Gee constructed the theatre while its design was down to help from Guthrie, Wimperis and Simpson. The theatre can hold up to 1,275 people and is situated over three levels, meaning that watching musicals in The Cambridge Theatre promises you an exceptional view. Whitehall, Phoenix and the Prince Edward theatre are just some of the many other theatres that opened in the same month as The Cambridge Theatre. Despite it opening alongside many others, much praise was given to this one in particular. Many reviews were released regarding the opening of this theatre near London apartments for rent, all of which were relatively positive.

Appearance Of Theatre

The Cambridge Theatre has transformed slightly in appearance since its opening near London apartments for rent. While now it maintains a more modern feel, back in 1930, things were a bit different. The windows of the theatre were metal with an entrance canopy and a stone exterior. The interior of The Cambridge Theatre was the most intriguing part, with a ribbed ceiling and concealed lighting fixtures. Despite this being desirable as a new theatre for the 1930’s, the 1950’s saw a redecoration. Due to unfavorable opinions from particular newspapers near London apartments for rent, The Cambridge Theatre was decorated with chandeliers and painted in a deep red.

Past Shows At The Cambridge Theatre

Of course, The Cambridge Theatre is renowned for its many shows, and these shows still go on today. With modern renditions of well-known plays and musicals today, there is an interesting list of schedules from previous years. Examples are Elizabeth of England, The Greeks Had A Word For It, A Night In Venice and Distinguished Gathering. More than 433 performances took place for ‘A Night In Venice’ and many opera and ballet shows could be viewed at The Cambridge Theatre too. If you are interested in visiting this historical landmark near your London apartments for rent, book tickets beforehand for your favorite show.

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