If you are going to be living in London part of your relocation should include a potted history about your new homeland. Before you can begin to understand the history of London, you should start at the beginning to learn about England and its history.


England is thought to have been occupied by pre Romans around 43 AD who later invaded the rest of the United Kingdom. The main area settled was described as Londinium from which the name London was derived. London’s decline began in 61 AD when the Iceni tribe destroyed the city which exacerbated the Roman Empire and its internal conflicts.


A new colony of Anglo Saxons settled away from the Roman City in the area now known as Covent Garden in the late 600 AD’s. The settlers were attracted by the Fleet River banks which had harbours and since there was a prevalence of fishing and trading centres in that quarter, the locals saw an opportunity to establish a marketplace as a means of income. In addition, London gained its freedom from the clutches of the Roman Empire, Viking and King Ethelred with the assistance of Kind Alfred and English kings.


London’s rule by Canute from 1017 to 1042 brought it back to its former glory and popularity. London’s role as a world power was cemented in the 1800’s, but it is in the last 60 years that London has undergone more changes than ever before. The German bombings during World War II caused major destruction to the many buildings in and around London, which were ruined to ground level.


As London was recovering from Second World War, restoration of the city began around 1960 and there was an influx of immigrants into London from various places, which resulted in an alteration to the city’s demographic situation. The city became widely known as the hub of trading and is recognised for being the largest city in Europe.


Today, eager property developers and city planners have reclaimed many areas that were considered no-go zones. The development of this city is ongoing and the shape of the city changes every few years. If you are going to be living here, you will be a part of this vibrant city that continually reinvents itself.



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