If you’re moving to London and have already “Liked” us on our new Facebook page, awww, we’re sure feeling the warm fuzzies! If you haven’t yet, perhaps you aren’t aware that we are in the process of phasing out its Facebook profile in favor of its PAGE: www.facebook.com/LondonRelocationLtd.

Liking us there is so simple, really…like a flick of the wrist, literally accompanied with a click of the mouse. Bodda-boom, bodda-bing. That easy, so why not try it now? www.facebook.com/LondonRelocationLtd
(in case you missed it before).

And wait! Oh look what we have here…why yes, that would be a Facebook icon on the right-side of our screen here where you can access that same Facebook page link.

Hint taken?

Okay then, moving on. What you stand to benefit from “Liking” us on Facebook are daily updates on what’s going on in London, our blog posts, and, oh, whatever’s on our minds that we think you’d be interested in whether before, during, or after your London move. This is yet another way for us to open the lines of communication with you for more personalized interaction than mere words on our website. We’re interested in hearing from you, too! What questions you might have, what advice and notifications you think we and your fellow Relocation-Likers might benefit from—throw us what you got! And in the meantime, you can also expect to see these regular features on our page:

Monday Moving Tips – Advice on how to prep for moving and settling into your apartment.

Thankful Tuesdays – An opportunity for us to thank our clients and share their testimonials.

What’s On Wednesdays – What’s going on that particular week.

Travel Thursdays – Ideas for where to travel with this city as your new departure point.

Friday Night Out – A new venue featured each week for steppin’ out for a night in your new city.

We thrive on the quality interactions we continue to have with folks like you, so do pop by and visit us on Facebook!


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