Most people who plan to move overseas will organize a flight but if you are moving from Paris, it is worth considering a Eurostar trip. Eurostar is a rail service that connects London, Paris and Brussels, with a multitude of links in between. Because the Eurostar is high-speed, it can be faster than attending the airport and boarding a flight to your final destination. To learn how you can save money by moving from Paris to London on the Eurostar train, keep on reading.

Where To Get Eurostar Tickets

You can plan moving from Paris to London as soon as you purchase your Eurostar tickets. The trains run on a daily basis and millions of people will board the Eurostar as a way of transporting from place to place with no delays. If you know what day your relocation will be, you need to book in advance. This prevents any disruptions occurring or sold-out tickets. Ideally, you should visit the official website for the Eurostar, where you can click on a tab called ‘How To Book’. Upon clicking this link, you will be taken to an informational page relating to where you want to travel, how many passengers, what date, etc. Based on your current location, the website might redirect you to another website where you can buy your tickets.

Luggage Allowances On The Eurostar

Much like when you are moving from Paris to London via airplane, you need to understand the luggage allowances. To prevent terrorism threats or loads that are too heavy, you must travel as lightly as possible. Try to sell some belongings you will not need before you travel, because otherwise you may be faced with an additional baggage charge. Based on your pick-up point and final destination, the allowances may differ but generally will follow certain guidelines. Two medium-sized items can be taken on board the Eurostar as hand luggage, and any additional luggage will cost you a £25 charge. Discuss this before moving avoid surprises.

What To Do At The Station

The Eurostar station can be quite difficult to understand if you are traveling this way for the first time so bear in mind a few things to prevent delays when moving from Paris to London. When you get to the station you will need to check in. Should you have a vehicle with you, this can be left in the car park, but if you are relocating for good this will probably not be necessary. Visit the appropriate lounges, terminals and ticket collection areas, so that group baggage and luggage can be accounted for when moving from Paris to London.

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