Author: Colleen

Sure, the name Notting Hill garners instant recognition for its famed Portobello Road Market and summer Carnival, and, oh I suppose a bit from that little film that I think did okay at the cinemas…what was it’s name again?  The one that starred What’s-His-Name from “Four Weddings…” and That American Actress from “Pretty Woman”?  I’m sure it will come to me…Anyways, there is much that one can learn of the Notting Hill neighborhood from the city guides and tourist word-of-mouth, but what better way to REALLY know Notting Hill than by getting the scoop from its own residents?

Given that our office in situated in this locale, I’ve done much perusing of area resources and stumbled upon this lil’ cyber nugget-o-local knowledge,  Maintained by locals for locals, is a potpourri of information on local history, entertainment, and even celebrity spottings at area venues.

We find that a lot of our American and Canadian clients are drawn to the borough of Kensington & Chelsea, and Notting Hill specifically.  So, once you move to London, when London Relocation Ltd. helps you get situated into your lovely flat here, we recommend this site as a resource for getting better acquainted with your new environment.

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