Author: Colleen

A common North American ex-pat gripe in London is the utter deficiency in decent Mexican food.  All the basic components might be there–the cheese, the beans, the sauce, etc.–but there is always something a little off in the TYPE of the aforementioned ingredients that is included–what you might use in lasagna is not necessarily going to achieve success in an enchilada.  A much-lauded venue for its authentic cuisine is Notting Hill’s Taqueria on Westbourne Grove, which I will vouch for–the tacos are served tapas-style so that you can mix and match a variety of choices to share with your table.  So, I am satisfied to an extent, but still…where’s my enchilada?!  The good news is that Old El Paso is marketed in London, so you can still buy all the fixin’s to prepare your own home-cooked deliciousness just when one would think a taco shell and refried beans would be scarce in these here parts.  But tonight, I am far too lazy for this, so I am taking an American friend’s recommendation from long ago to check out Crazy Homies on Westbourne Park Road (be wary of all those London streets in close proximity with nearly identical names, by the way)…from what I hear, it’s a bit of a dive (which is not necessarily a bad thing…the best king crab legs to be found in Chicago are in a subterranean armpit of a restaurant) and the food may leave something to be desired, but the margaritas are allegedly fabulous.  God willing, I’m going to try them out tonight.  Will keep you posted.

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