When you’re moving to London, you’re going to have to find a way of getting around this massive city without spending a fortune or having the frustration and hassle of trying to drive, park and pay for a car. The odds are that once you’re living here you’ll use more than one form of public transport to get to and from work, school and the shops. Learning the intricacies of the winding city street when you’ve just settled into your rental can take a bit of time and the best thing to do is arm yourself with a London A-Z, which is a comprehensive map book that all Londoners own, and get out and discover your transport options.

The Tube

The tube is the underground network of high speed trains that many Londoners use to get in and out of the city for work. It can be busy in the morning and late afternoon, so if it’s your first time on the tube, then choose an off peak time to travel. Spend some time getting a travel pass and Oyster card which will make all of your travel cashless and save you time in queues.

The Bus

Bus transport is very cheap and all neighborhoods have local buses as well as the ones that travel into the city. Buses run regularly and are a safe and efficient way of getting around the city.

The Black Cab

Black cabs and mini cabs are taxis in London, and apart from the obvious advantage of getting you to your exact location they are convenient for late night jaunts into the city while you’re living in London. Remember to only take a licensed mini cab and rather take a cab from a taxi cab rank or phone for one to come and collect you. They are more expensive than public transport but very convenient.

Remember that the distances on all maps are not to scale. You might find it easier sometimes to use your own private and free form of transport which is walking. It’s a great way to get to know the roads and the sights while you are living here.  Plus: Great exercise!


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