When you’re moving to London and know that you’re going to be living in London for a few years, it can be a tough choice to decide what clothes to take with you. If you’re moving from a sunny climate, then your t-shorts and shorts are just not going to cut it in a wet London winter, and even your elegant lightweight coats will not do much against the weather that you’ll be facing when you’re living in London. That said, you don’t want to rush out and buy yourself Arctic weather clothing either because you’ll suffer in unbearable heat even in winter.

People also want to know how they’re going to have to dress for work when they are in London and what type of clothes you’d wear to different types of social gatherings. The interesting aspect of London is the complete diversity of people, cultures and indeed fashion.

Anything Goes

Londoners tend to dress informally most of the time and they definitely dress in layers when the weather turns colder. You’ll see weird and wonderful fashion on the streets, especially if you spend some time in the markets and the trendy areas where the artsy types live. You can either join them or create your own style, but you’ll definitely never beat them!

Work wear here ranges from smart casual to formal. Most men wear a tie and jacket to work, but you’re not expected to wear a jacket all of the time. Invest in a suit or two for formal work functions and your work wardrobe is set. The ‘city boys’; those financial wheelers and dealers in the heart of the city tend to wear a lot of designer wear even when they’re out for an evening, but it is perfectly acceptable to wear jeans and a jacket if you’re attending the theatre or ballet, unless it is a gala evening, when you’ll have to go all out in terms of evening wear.

The best thing you can buy when you’re going to be living here is an item of clothing that locals call a “Mac” (short for ‘Macintosh’). This is a waterproof coat that will protect you from the frequent rain showers that can happen in the depths of winter and the height of summer. A brolly (umbrella) is also a good idea!


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