Walking to Earls Court tube station this morning, the large banner outside the Earls Court convention center caught my eye—it’s that time of year again:  the London Book Fair!  I say this full-knowing it may be a tease for those of you who are book enthusiasts such as myself.  When I first discovered this event last year, I was practically jumping and clapping at the prospect of getting to navigate a labyrinth of bookshelves and peruse infinite book titles, but, alas this is more of an industry event.  Booksellers, publishers, agents, authors, etc. galore gather for the largest international networking event of its kind; if you do work in the industry, then, this is an ideal platform to keep in mind for establishing contacts (something to remember next Spring if you’re still in the process of moving to London).

Likewise, if you’re an aspiring writer or have already written a book and are considering self-publishing and ways to market yourself, they are holding a series of seminars on applicable topics—workshops are likewise available to students, illustrators, librarians, booksellers, film producers, and such.  I attended a seminar last year and found it very inspiring (and intimidating!) how many individuals are out there pursuing their dreams and joining in the celebration of the expression of creative thought through the written word.  Just knowing this congregation of people are concentrated here seems to send a hum of literary energy into the atmosphere.  It gives me pause to reflect on the impact this country has had on literature over the centuries—the pubs and cafes you frequent may have been the old haunts of Charles Dickens, the streets you walk once traversed by Shakespeare…I’m personally giddy over the fact that I live down the street from where Beatrix Potter brought Peter Rabbit into being.

If you can ignore the diesel fumes, you just may want to breathe a deep inhale of that air and let the literary spirits be your Muse.  London Relocation Ltd. will proudly help you find your new home in this cultural capital of the world.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS