Yesterday we discussed some fun activities that can help anyone get healthy while they are living in London.  Although both Zumba and belly dancing are open to both men and women, they are primarily female activities.  Today we will look at some options that may appeal more to the men noticing a few extra pounds or a soft appearance.  Obviously, the best way for anyone to get into a good healthy lifestyle is to walk more.  London is a city of walkers and there are plenty of opportunities abounding.  Whether one walks the extra distance to go to a farther Tube station on the way to work or explores the many parks within the city, walking is a fast and fun way to melt the pounds and sharpen the exterior image.

Gym Membership – Just like in the States there are plenty of gyms to join while living in London.  In fact, the gyms will look pretty much identical to those back home in the United States.  There are many international gyms that are familiar to those moving from the US like Gold’s Gym as well as many local gyms.  Inside one will find cardiac equipment like treadmills and bikes, free weights, and machines.

Boxing Gyms – Boxing is a very popular hobby in the UK and boxing gyms are everywhere.  One doesn’t have to be great, or even good, to begin boxing.  Some health experts claim that boxing training burns the most calories and builds the most muscles all over the body of all exercising regimes.  Men and women are welcome at boxing clubs though some are aimed at a specific crowd.

Rowing – With the Thames River winding itself through London rowing has become a very popular sport and pastime.  There are several rowing clubs that meet throughout the city and many welcome beginners of all ages.  Traditionally, rowing crews practice in the very early morning hours which is something to consider if one is a night owl.

As anyone can see there are a thousand possibilities for getting fit while living here. Although obesity rates are rising in the UK Londoners are still typically a healthy lot.  Many Americans really feel out of shape after moving here and wish to get healthy.  By joining a club, taking a class or lessons, one can pick up a new hobby to keep busy, meet new friends and begin working on a new and healthier self while living in London.


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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS