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When your trusty London relocation agents (that’s us!) have done their job, then you will be properly settled into your London flat. Now it’s time to get out there and enjoy all that London has to offer. Which may sound exciting initially but can appear daunting with more thought. London is a big city, over 607 square miles of sprawling metropolis. Having some form of GPS device is great if you want to make things easy for yourself, but if you want to call yourself a true Londoner, then it’s better if you know how to make your way around just from memory.

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How to Get Around London – Your Personal ‘Knowledge’

You’ll have heard that all London cab drivers have The Knowledge’ well, it’s time for you to absorb some of that and learn how to get around London without continually checking your London A-Z for directions. A good start is to understand just how London is structured. London (as in the Greater London area) is divided into 33 boroughs. A simple way to remember this is that the Inner London is made up of 12 boroughs along with the City of London while the Outer London makes up the other 20 boroughs. Admittedly, that might be a bit much to remember for someone new to the city, so maybe an even simpler way to divide London in your head is to use the River Thames. North of the Thames, that’s North London, South of the Thames, that’s South London. Except of course for the tricky bits that are actually south of the river, yet north of the city and vice versa – what can I say, London is a city of exceptions and excitement!

Of course, while it’s a good idea to get all this into your head, it doesn’t compare to practical experience if you really want to educate yourself about London. And it couldn’t be easier, with the city being especially intent on making walking more convenient. One of these, the Legible London program is intended to make making your way around London easier with the aid of clearly designed maps and markers. This initiative by Transport for London is a superb way to get to know your new home town.

No matter how helpful your relocation agents have been, and we’re so super helpful, we’ll not only find you a flat but also set up your internet, there are some things you’re just going to have to do for yourself. Finding your way around London will be challenging and daunting at first, then fun, but whatever the case, it will make your stay in London a more enjoyable one.


TOP TIP: How to Get Around London to Find a Flat

If you’re starting out on your property search in London, and don’t know which neighborhood will really suit your needs, then take a look at our London Orientation Service and consider spending a day exploring London with a member of our team to narrow down your choice of area/neighborhood before you start your property search.

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