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Woohoo!  The sun is out with not one cloud in the sky, and I’m feeling like I’ve hyperspaced into Spain.  Seriously.  This can’t be England.  There is a whole new wardrobe strutting out there on the catwalks, I mean sidewalks, that I’ve never seen in this city before—who knew that people here have shoulders and legs and toes?!  Tank-tops, shorts, flip-flops—all these clothing items that I know from home—have surfaced as folks must have raided their holiday-wear storage to dress appropriately for this heat wave.

The parks over the weekend were flooded with pale skin sizzling pink in the sunlight as we all gulp up the Vitamin D we’ve been so deprived of after a particularly crappy winter.  I live in Southwest London, so my own park-hopping included Brompton Cemetery (yes, though I just walked through eating my lunch, plenty of sunbathers found a patch of bare grass that did not accompany a headstone to stretch out and veg upon), Putney, and Parsons Green.  The pubs opened their windows and doors to the breezes, so if you couldn’t snag an outdoor seat, you could still delight in the sunny cross-ventilation.

All good things must come to an end, alas, so evidently tomorrow we’ll be dipping down into the upper 60s tomorrow.  Enjoy it while it lasts, people!

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