Paddington Apartment Rental Westbourne Terrace

Paddington Apartment Rental

The Georgian style of this period conversion offers its mansionet residents stunning architecture and alluring street view.  The black iron rod gates delineate the walks from the residence and the column and crown detailed entry’s let everyone who visits you know that you “have arrived.”  These stunning entrances with double wide doors and overhead chandelier style lighting set the mood for the spacious and modern residences contained inside.

Paddington Apartment Rental Reception Room:

Paddington Apartment Rental

Upon entering the reception room your eye immediately goes to the extra high ceilings and beautiful moldings that set this Paddington apartment rental apart from others offered.  The floors are a modern barn-wood style hardwood and are of a light stain that keeps the feel light and bright throughout the apartment.  Two giant double sized windows take nearly the entire far wall, and the detail of the wainscoting and the crown trim is a natural highlight.  The wall of windows continue to provide such great light that the entire room is brighter for it.  One cannot help being taken in by the fireplace that is along the attached wall.  The large mantle and detailed surround add to its elegance.

Paddington Apartment Rental Dining

Paddington Apartment Rental

There is a separate dining area that seats six comfortably.  The light wood matches the reception room furniture and the light colors of the hardwood floors.  The back of the dining area is a wall that has  quadruple sized built-in white bookshelves, giving a library appearance backdrop.  The furniture is modern, but comfortable and compliments the high ceilings nicely.  The furnished apartment also offers the home-like touches such as potted plants.

Paddington Apartment Rental Kitchen:

Paddington Apartment Rental This semi-open floor plan places the modern light wood kitchen to the rear with an end breakfast bar counter from which one could eat as well.  There is lovely trim along the cabinets which on top feature a glass opening.  Overhead there is track lighting overhead and a large stainless steel hood fan.  The fan goes with the rest of the stainless appliances, including the oven, refrigerator, and washer.  The kitchen has loads of space for storage and the significant sized countertops are granite.  With all this countertop it offers a great place to work from.

The two baths feature a wooden encased full sized tub and a shower stall stand up in one of the two bathrooms.  The sink basin sits atop a large cupboard for storage as well as a tall closet for linens.  In addition, there are built-in recessed shelves over the loo and hardwood flooring that keeps the space easy to clean.

Paddington Apartment Rental Bedrooms

Paddington Apartment Rental

The bedrooms of the Paddington apartment rental are double size and contain a large double window.  Also, there are 3 built in closet wardrobes that go straight to the ceiling offering the most storage space possible.  Both bedrooms include a queen sized bed and white linens. The contrast of the linen’s nicely match the wide architecturally pleasing wood trim around the windows and room.


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