Whether you’re an HR representative organizing an employee’s UK relocation to London or an individual researching your own move, deciding whether you should utilize the services of UK relocation companies should be the easiest choice you make: yes, yes you should! And when it comes to selecting good UK relocation companies, don’t settle for “good enough.” While it’s tempting to think when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all, UK relocation companies like London Relocation add variety, that vital spice of life.

Why UK Relocation Companies are Necessary

In a perfect London, lettings agents and landlords would all have your best interests in mind. This is not always the reality, unfortunately, and those making a UK relocation are the easiest targets to take advantage of. Think about it: even if you toured here on vacation before, you’re still less familiar with neighborhoods, prices, and properties than the locals and particularly vulnerable when it comes to the different ways the property market works around here—particularly vulnerable when you have nowhere else to go but an expensive London hotel or serviced accommodation. Don’t worry, I was in your situation, too, and I can promise you’ll get through it, but it’s admittedly tough on your own…

To be brutally honest, landlords here are rather spoiled owning property in a city with unlimited demand. There’s a continuous influx of expats making UK relocations here in addition to all the residents flocking in from the country and smaller UK cities. This demand allows landlords to keep their asking prices high on rent, and a too-large number of them are evidently comfortable with pulling out of previously agreed on terms to go with a higher bidder elsewhere (a nasty little activity called “gazumping”). Then there’s the lettings agency, which the landlord pays to find tenants for properties, not the tenant (with the exception of admin fees). So, in the end, whose interests will a lettings agency likely serve? Correct: the landlord’s, not the tenant’s.

Who’s got your (or your employee’s) back then? Right again (you’re good at this!): the UK relocation companies. At least they ought to.  London Relocation certainly does, at any rate, and I’ll tell you why…

What Distinguishes London Relocation From Other UK Relocation Companies

London Relocation is unlike all other UK relocation companies in a variety of ways. The agency’s process, for one, is the only one in London that will show you 18 to 25 properties in a single day. We operate on a quick-turnaround time frame, no messing around, as we’re not compensated for each day out like many other UK relocation companies, which tempts them to drag out their searches. For those moving, saving that money is not only ideal, but so is saving all that time that otherwise takes you away from that job you need to start here or family that needs help settling in.

The “settling in” is also where UK relocation companies figure into the equation. A roof and four walls can make for a house, but a home is made when you successfully start your life in that space and in this country. Having a UK bank account and phone, cable, internet, and water utilities set up is another layer of logistics to tackle prior to or upon moving in. Knowing where to buy your groceries, toiletries, furnishings, and other household needs or where to find a doctor and good schools are also key, and a relocation agent can advise on all that and beyond (follow all the links in this paragraph as well, which reference previous blog posts I’ve written that provide more specifics on utilities and such).

It’s very much in your Relocation agent’s interest to see clients safe, sound, and settled into their new apartments as soon as possible after arriving in the UK, and should the dreaded gazumping occur, rest easy that LR will accommodate you in any way needed until your agent finds a new flat. The Relocation agency is also quite unique in its genuine compassion for its clients. Being expats themselves, LR staff empathizes with your UK relocation, and our tight-knit sense of community within the company extends to anyone we contact.

A Final Word on UK Relocation Companies

If you (or a company employee you’re responsible for) is moving abroad, it’s vital to have an expert on your side. A UK relocation agent like us will conduct a thorough needs assessment that targets prioritized criteria in terms of property and neighborhood. Peace of mind is having someone on your side, answering the tough questions for you, and making you feel secure that everything will turn out all right.

And I can’t speak for the other UK relocation companies, but your Relocation agent will make finding a flat a heck of a lot of fun, too, right down to the moment the lease is signed and the keys are in your hand.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS