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Art Gallery in London

If you are visiting London and looking for a place to gain inspiration and buy artwork for your interior décor, you should consider a modern art gallery. Whether you are looking for a warm, welcoming piece for your home or a unique design for your office, you will be amazed at the variety of quality art on display. While art galleries are usually considered places to purchase artwork, their benefits are many and allow you to meet with artists and learn about their inspirations to create the pieces. Contact us to learn more about london property rental

One of the main reasons modern art galleries in London are popular is the ability to help art lovers view another side of the artists and their art. Unlike traditional-style galleries, where the artist remains anonymous, modern galleries allow you to meet the person behind the art and get the perspective from their point of view. This enables you to put yourself in their shoes and try out different gestures, poses, and styles of expression. Although most people see a distinction between the work of a painting and the canvas artwork in a modern art gallery, being in the creator’s presence and listening to the creative process gives you an even better understanding.

While the work of a painting is revered worldwide, nothing compares to a modern art gallery when it comes to seeing art in its most complete form. The artist completes the artwork presented in these galleries for sale, and that’s why they are displayed to the public. The next time you are looking for a decorative piece for your interior, London has some of the best galleries that get you a close-up look at the artist’s creativity. If you are an art lover, you can appreciate the details that go into every piece more clearly by visiting some galleries across London.

Fine art museums display fine art that is usually beyond most people’s price range, making visiting modern art galleries a preferred alternative. Most of these establishments are run by artists looking to provide access to affordable paintings compared to those in a museum. Purchasing art is also simplified, with most outlets offering online purchase options, allowing you to buy a piece that would be expensive in a museum. The reality is that the benefits of visiting a modern art gallery are endless. London has many options to visit and enjoy breathtaking artwork if you enjoy art.

Modern Art Galleries in London

Many galleries in London offer various designs, including modern art or old masters, impressionist paintings, or contemporary sculpture. Whether your taste is in sculpture, fine art, photography, or arty events, several hidden gems exist in the numerals city’s intimate art spaces. Here are some of London’s best art galleries, guaranteeing the meeting and exceeding your expectations.



If you are a fan of profound culture, the Barbican provides a labyrinthine arts complex as part of a vast concrete estate containing 2,000 flats and concrete walkways in one of the most coveted locations. Although it started with a brutalist architectural design, it has gained a softer touch over time due to the friendly resident ducks in the rectangular housing ponds. The Barbican focuses on every genre imaginable, complete with a 90’s playlist of the London Symphony Orchestra filling the immaculately tuned acoustic halls.

The diversity in this art gallery is out of this world, incorporating contemporary art and commissioned works on the ground floor, while exhibitions on pop culture, design, and architecture are on the third floor. Aside from being a significant art establishment, the Barbican houses a public library, three restaurants, a conservatory, and several practice pianos. Although this array of culture is funded and managed by the City of London, it has played a significant role in promoting different types of art from various artists.


Serpentine Gallery

If contemporary art is more your speed, the Serpentine Gallery is your best choice. The airy gallery is in the secluded Kensington Gardens, making this small establishment the perfect destination to experience contemporary art. One of the reasons most people prefer visiting the Serpentine is the two-month program, featuring up-to-the-minute artists in their newly opened Sackler Gallery.

The Serpentine Pavilion is an annual event every spring, where an internationally renowned architect is commissioned to build a new pavilion set to open to the public before September. You can visit an excellent little art bookshop conveniently open between exhibitions during exhibitions. This is one of the many reasons why the Serpentine remains in the art news.


Newport Street Gallery

Have you ever wondered what’s in Damien Hirst’s house? You’d probably find the same items in the Newport Street Gallery. This gorgeous Vauxhall space was designed to showcase Hirst’s art collection and the artwork of other renowned artists like Jeff Koons, abstract maestro John Hoyland, and Ashley Bickerton. All these artists started here on a free exhibition because of Damien Hirst, a sign of the support the gallery gives local artists. Enjoy the fantastic art from some of London’s best artists, conveniently located in the city’s heart.


Studio Voltaire

This non-profit gallery and art studio is located in the cultural wilds of Clapham, renowned for spectacular shows worth traveling for. Studio Voltaire is your cup of tea if you prefer art that portrays a certain edge of criticism. In our current society, art has become a crucial mode of communication. This gallery plays its part in delivering much-needed cultural criticism on issues that plague humanity. Come and meet some of the artists in London who use their art as a mouthpiece for creating awareness while exhibiting their art skills for people to see.

180 The Strand

Formerly known as the Vinyl Factory, this Brutalist gem was rebranded in the spring of 2016. It is located where the previous establishment was found, near Store X, Dazed Media, Charcoalblue, FACT Magazine, and The Spaces. While the space is popularly known for some of the freshest and unique contemporary art, it also doubles as a venue for some of the best fashion events in London. If you follow the art scene, you will be glad to hear that there have been several previous hits like the 2016’s The Infinite Mix. The show comprised an immersive maze of holograms and video installations curated by Hayward Gallery and The Vinyl Factory.


The Perimeter

Artists start most galleries in London showing modern art to give upcoming talent a venue to show what they have. This gorgeous building was initially designed to house the work of Alex Petalas, a young art lover who filled it with exhibitions from artists he admires and collects. Although you must book to visit, the artists whose art hangs on the wall will leave you dumbfounded. Some of the big names include contemporary artists Sarah Lucas and Prem Sahib. The Perimeter is an excellent establishment for art lovers to enjoy art from some of London’s artists.


Cabinetry Gallery

Cabinetry Gallery has been in London’s art scene for more than two decades, moving from Brixton and Farringdon to Old Street and its current location in Vauxhall. Despite being a crucial part of the art culture for years, it has managed a low-key public profile. However, the gallery has been a favorite spot for some of the industry’s heavyweight curators like Mark Leckey and Enrico David. If you want to attend their renowned exhibitions, subscribing to the galley’s website gives you the latest updates and upcoming shows and events. This also gives you access to pertinent information beyond the artist’s name and the set date.



Located in a place that can best be described as the back end of nowhere, Carlos Gallery has become one of London’s most popular and best places for unique contemporary art. While its size is smaller than most galleries in the city, some of the biggest names in London’s contemporary art scene include Oscar Murillo and Ed Fornieles. Come and discover the new fantastic talent that guarantees an unforgettable experience.


Lisson Gallery

This is one of London’s pioneer galleries for contemporary art, founded in 1967 by a famous art dealer known as Nicholas Logsdail. Lisson Gallery is based on analyzing the purpose and place of skill in the “Wider intellectual, social, and cultural context,” making it one of the galleries that support artists who challenge the status quo—starting with the breed of minimalist artists who emerged in the 60’s such as Robert Mangold, and SOI LeWitt.

After the emergence of new British sculptors in the ’80s, the gallery was the first to showcase the fantastic works of sculptors back then from the Poetic conceptualists of the ’90s like Rodney Graham, Francis Alys, and many more. It currently houses some new generation artists with a reputation for being thought-provoking, including Fernando Ortega, Santiago Sierra, and Christian Jankowski.

The Ultimate Guide to Opening and Running an Art Gallery

Are you an upcoming artist looking to open and run your gallery to showcase your artwork and other artists? You need to consider several things to ensure you turn your space into the ideal art location and still turn a profit. After consulting some of the modern art galleries in London, we have developed a detailed guide to help you become a successful gallery owner and artist. The following tips from some of the gallery owners in London will help you actualize your dream and operate a successful venture while promoting the local cultural scene.


Get to Know the Market

Researching the local market is the first step to establishing a successful art gallery. This requires surveying what other galleries offer and meeting with artists and other art community members for help and insight into market evaluation. Depending on your research, you can determine the size, scope, and vision of the art gallery you want. It is advisable to consider your gallery’s purpose by gauging if the type of art you bring will attract clientele. You have a better chance of penetrating the market with a niche created to suit the local needs and identify with your art gallery.


Become an Expert

Once you’ve soaked in all the information gathered and identified the type of art you’ll be exhibiting in your gallery, it’s time to talk and walk the walk. Visit other galleries outside your area and understand the industry and the artists creating this type of art. There’s a lot to learn from prominent and upcoming talent, and the ability to explain various pieces puts you in a better position to own and run a gallery.


Find Your Mode of Business

Before opening your doors to the public, it is vital to establish a standardized way your gallery will conduct business. This requires formulating a business plan that covers the gallery’s daily operations, marketing aspect, and overall growth plan. The main question is; how does my art make money? Whether you plan on profiting from sales commissions or other avenues, it is vital to determine the percentage going to the business. This is also the ideal time to agree on whether your business structure is based on sole proprietorship or corporation.


Design Your Ideal Space

Before signing a lease on a gallery space, ensuring it is the ideal space for your design is vital. The key to a perfect gallery space is an accommodating layout with sufficient space to hold several pieces and still have room for visitors. This stage requires onboarding a professional gallery-building company in London. These are critical steps to follow if you’d like to take your passion a notch higher and turn it into an income-generating venture.

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