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best and worst times of the year to find a perfect flat in london
Updated 08 March 2024

Relocating to London presents a unique set of challenges, from navigating a new city to finding a place where you can truly feel at home. Your living space is crucial for your comfort and well-being, especially when transitioning into a new phase of your life in a bustling metropolis like London. Surprisingly, securing the ideal flat doesn’t always mean paying premium prices—if you know when to look. Here are the best times to rent in London… and the not so great.

The Best Times to Rent in London

Late Autumn to Early Winter (November – December): This period offers a prime opportunity for flat hunting. The rush of students settling in for the new academic year has passed, and many are focusing on the holiday season. Rental prices tend to be more favorable, making it an ideal time to secure a deal on a flat that meets your expectations without stretching your budget.

Early Summer (June): Early summer is another window where the rental market in London becomes more accessible. With potential renters distracted by holiday plans and the allure of vacation destinations, you might find that perfect flat at a more attractive price, all while enjoying the warmer beginnings of a London summer.

Times to Avoid

Late Summer to Early Autumn (August – September): These months see an influx of over 100,000 students returning to the city, alongside professionals relocating for work. High demand leads to quick lettings of desirable properties and a noticeable spike in rental prices, making it a challenging time to find bargains.

Need to Move Now?

If your relocation timeline doesn’t align with these optimal windows, don’t worry. Our comprehensive network of over 60 agencies and an extensive listing of available properties ensures that finding your ideal home in London can be achieved at any time of the year. Our settling-in service is designed to streamline your transition, handling everything from paperwork to personalizing your new space.

Final Thoughts

While timing can significantly influence rental prices and availability in London, finding a place that feels like home is always possible with the right approach and resources. Whether you’re planning your move around the optimal seasons or need to find a flat immediately, understanding the London rental market’s nuances is key to making informed decisions.

For personalized assistance and more insights into London property rental, feel free to reach out to us. Let us help you find not just a flat, but a place where you can truly belong in this vibrant city.

FAQ: Navigating the London Rental Market: Best Times to Rent in London

What months are rent the cheapest?

In London, rental prices tend to be the most favorable during late autumn to early winter, specifically in November and December. Early summer, around June, is another period when rents can be more affordable, as demand slightly decreases.

Why is renting in London so hard at the moment?

Renting in London is currently challenging due to high demand, limited availability, and increasing rental prices. The city’s population growth, coupled with a significant influx of students and professionals, contributes to a competitive rental market. The desirable locations and amenities further exacerbate the difficulty in finding suitable accommodation.

Are rents in London going to go down?

Predicting the future of rental prices in London is complex, as they are influenced by various factors, including economic conditions, housing policies, and market demand. While there might be fluctuations in certain areas or periods, the overall trend depends on broader housing market dynamics and city planning initiatives. It’s essential to stay informed about current market trends and economic forecasts when considering renting in London.

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