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Relocation to London, or to any other city for that matter, isn’t what one might call a simple process. It takes a lot of effort, careful planning, and deep research. Not to mention the stress of landing in a new, different city while most of your friends and family are an ocean away from you. Contact us to learn more about london property rental

Having a haven, a comfort zone if you will is quintessential to your mental condition after the relocation. In simpler words, we all need a place to call home. A home that’s as close to your desires and expectations as possible.

That said, a perfect home doesn’t have to be expensive. You can pay less for the same property that otherwise may have cost you a fortune thanks to a little handy thing called timing.

Yes, a flat in London varies in worth depending on the month or even the time of the month. So, what are the best and worst times of the year to find a perfect home in London?

Best time

We are approaching the season of cheap rent in London as we speak. November and December are amazing months for picking a new home.

The end of autumn and the beginning of the holiday season are typically quiet months for state agents because the armies of students have already settled in, people who are moving for work are here as well, and those willing to pay a visit to the family for the holidays usually look for short-term accommodations or stay with their close ones.

Needless to say, rent plummets through the ground (if compared to the usual property prices in London), giving you the perfect chance to strike and land that sweet deal!

You’d be surprised, but the same can be said about the beginning of the summer. People typically choose vacation hot spots instead of decent accommodation in June so you can still get a great flat for a moderately lower price while avoiding spending your first month in the Smoke in the cold of winter.

Worst time

August and September are the worst times for property hunting in the Smoke because a small army of 100,000+ students is returning to the capital from their holidays. Each of them needs a place to stay for the rest of the year.

Don’t worry too much, though. There are plenty of properties available for rent at this time. There’s enough room in the Smoke for everyone. The tricky part about renting in August-September is that many cooler places get let quickly.

That, and the fact that property prices skyrocket, make the end of summer and the beginning of autumn the worst time to rent in London.

But what if I need to settle in now?

Don’t worry, guys. That’s not a problem for us. It’s not even an inconvenience. Our unique network of 60+ agencies unites every property in London into a single network that allows us to guarantee that you’ll find your perfect home in but a single day. And our settling-in service will take care of everything else!

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