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Did you ever feel like the Queen of England? If the answer is a definite “yes”, then you probably live in Zone 1 – arguably the best place to live in London if you don’t mind the noise.

Everything is at arm’s reach; your stroll to work does not require any commuting, and it almost seems like the sun is shining here brightly more often. For flats for rent in london, contact us to learn more.

One might even believe that Zone 1 is paradise on Earth, but it most certainly is not. And, like any other great thing on our Earth, it has flaws.

This brings us to fact one from our journey over the 5 London zone 1 facts you’d wish you’d known earlier.

1 – The prices here have teeth

And they bite quite hard. You may own a gorgeous studio in zone one that looks cool but can barely hold your shoes inside. The ad will say that there will be a vintage staircase or some cool stuff like that in your flat, but in reality, it will be the only way for you to reach your honorary square feet in the attic, while the word “vintage” itself usually stands for something old and needing repairs. A studio like that will cost you anything from 750L to a million.

What can you get for the same money elsewhere?

750K will get you a lovely two-bedroom flat in the second zone. Your flat will be located on a Victorian terrace, you will enjoy a large kitchen fit for cooking rather than simply storing empty pizza boxes, the windows will be as large as life, and the flat itself will be as roomy.

Alternatively, you could go for an entire three-bedroom house in Zone 5 – a place where you can start a family and raise wonderful children.

Sure, our guys at London Relocation can help you with all three options, but the choice is yours to make. So what will it be?

2 – Will the dust kill me, or will the noise deliver the finishing blow?

Zone 1 has museums, galleries, theaters, restaurants, and pubs. But do you know who goes to all of those places? People. A lot of people. From locals to tourists, every soul wishes to get a slice of the London pie in zone one.

Forget about peace and silence, learn to enjoy wreckage and other people’s ways of having fun and you’ll be peach-perfect.

Don’t feel like living through the life of every soul in the big city? A) why did you move to London then and b), zones 2 through 6 are still available and they are much more affordable.

But if this is the case, why bother living in Zone 1 anyway?

3 – I’m the king of the world, baby!

Frankly, there are much more upsides than downsides to living in Zone 1. Yes, it may be a bit too overcrowded or noisy, but the game is totally worth the candles once you think about how you don’t need to spend countless hours commuting to work or school on a daily basis.

All of the coolest places I’ve mentioned before, like the galleries, the museums, the pubs and the restaurants, are at a hand’s reach.

Countless events are taking place in zone 1, from dentistry seminars to Comic-Cons to wine degustation shows.

You will get to experience life in the Big City like never before. If someone were to ask me what is the most priceless thing in life, I’d say that this is it. It is. At least for me.

4 – Put on your snob hats!

It matters little if you’ve just moved in – you are now a zone 1 dweller. People all around you will feel that, and… they will ask you for directions.

Sit down with Google Maps in front of you, study the area you stay at, learn about a few cool places and you are all set. Now, when the next person asks you about getting from point A to point B you would say something like, “Kind sir, you’ll need to take a left here and then turn right, but if I were you, I’d choose bub A over pub B. The drinks there are just too exquisite to miss out on”.

That feeling when you know your way around the city, especially the part that goes after “but if I were you” – mmm, priceless!

5 – Travel? It’s not as bad as I thought…

You live in the very heart of London. There’s not much in this world that you need, and that’s simply amazing. But what if you do? What if there is a need in your heart for something very specific that lies outside the rational length of a lazy stroll?

London is big, you know. Big. Especially to someone from zone 1 who is used to having everything at his or her fingertips at all times.

Well, you could use a car and drive, says someone who doesn’t know London well. The thing is that with a behemoth of a city as large as the Big Smoke, a car will only slow you down in traffic jams.

An Oyster card linked to the railcards that you own would be the most rational solution. You will pay less for your travels, you will have access to amazing discounts, and, all in all, you will pay a small fortune given that I have an amazing pro tip for you: use your Oyster card combo to shop outside of zone 1. Sure, they say that the entirety of London is expensive, but the prices here and there are heaven and hell in comparison.

Did you enjoy my list of five things to know about Zone 1? Did you know about any of them earlier? Or perhaps you have something more to add to the subject? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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