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5 North London Family Friendly Areas

With more than 1.4 million people living in Camden, Hackney, Enfield, Haringey, Westminster, Islington, and Barnet, the population of North London is larger than most European cities. This is a loud, vibrant, and diverse place known for its cultural significance, a wide selection of tourist attractions, and an outstanding selection of pubs, bars, and nightclubs. Contact us to learn more about london property to rent

That said, North London is proud with more than a few quiet, cozy areas that, while being close to the heart of the city, are oh-so-perfect for families moving to north London.


If you are looking for a friendly neighborhood in the North, Brixton is one of the safest bets out there. For starters, this area is somewhat less expensive than the rest of North London but every bit as convenient in terms of accommodation, transport (bus tube, and the overground), and lifestyle options.

The local park is an amazing pick for some good old quality family time on a sunny afternoon. It boasts a refurbished playground, great picnic areas, and a few tennis courts making sure that neither you nor the little ones are troubled with coming up with things to do.

More on the matter, the local council is known for investing in a series of family-friendly events like the Brixton Splash, a renowned street party, the County Show that has animals, rides, attractions, and mouthwatering street food to offer, and, of course, the Guy Fawkes Fireworks Night.

All of these reasons have made Brixton a beloved area among young parents and couples. You’ll be seeing toddlers and their parents everywhere you look so you’ll have no trouble with finding new friends with similar interests.

Finsbury Park

Obviously, this area’s heart and soul is its 110 acres of trees, football fields, tennis courts, and picnic areas. The park even has a boating lake!

Aside from the park itself, the area’s location is one of its main selling points. It stands at a crossroads between Hackney, Haringey, and Islington meaning the place is a perfect transport link that’ll get you into every corner of the Smoke.

Local communities are mostly composed of newly married couples, young professionals, and established experts from the finance industry.


Hampstead is one of the most expensive areas in London, but for all the right reasons:

  • Most of the properties here are large, roomy houses that will become a perfect nest for a growing family.
  • The transport links are superb: multiple Tube stations and a bus terminal in South End Green.
  • There are many green spaces and parks for you to choose from.

The area attracts wealthy people who are able to support the local economy so independent venues, stores, and shops blossom here. If you are looking for fresh meat or homemade cheese, a vintage book, or a craft beer – you’ll find it here.

The overall wealth of the area’s population has positively affected local schools, both public and private. Here your children will be schooled by some of the UK’s best teachers in fully equipped, modern educational institutions making an investment in a property here into an investment into your future.


This is a charming area sitting on the outskirts of the city, perfect for those of you who are looking for some well-deserved rest after a busy day in the Smoke.

The place is known for its exceptional schools like the world-renowned Harrow boarding school, the Harrow High School, and Whitmore High School.

If you are looking for work that’s close by, Kodak and Ladbrokes have their offices in the area and these companies are always looking for talent.


If you are looking for an authentic piece of London that’s filled to the brim with the city’s magic, charm, and history – look no further. What can be more British than the streets that were the home to Charles Dickens?

As for the local schools, you’ll have the OFSTED guaranteed high-quality education in local institutions like the Eleanor Primary School.

The area itself is lively, vibrant, and diverse. It is the perfect combination of noisy pubs, small shops, and quiet green spaces that all have something special to offer to every member of your family.

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