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An international relocation to London this month is just in time for the holidays.  Well, minus one holiday, perhaps…Thanksgiving is an American festivity that expats around the city will indeed continue to celebrate, but it obviously isn’t observed nationally in England. In any case, it’s October, so Halloween is the holiday at the forefront of my morbid mind. If you’re moving to London from the US like I did and wondering how to celebrate this ghoulish gala, here’s a round-up of our London Relocation blog posts dedicated to the UK undead. Just click the links below:

  1. Halloween events in London Costume parties, museum events, etc.
  2. Ghost tours in London – Haunted walks through this haunted city, including ones dedicated to the living evil, i.e., Jack the Ripper.
  3. Haunted pubs in London4-part series of the favorite local “haunts” if you like your fish-n-chips served with a side of fright.
  4. The history of Halloween in the UK – An overview of All Hallows Eve’s origins.
  5. Haunting books set in the UK – My reading list of scary tales set in local locations and elsewhere in England.

Oooh, methinks I will need to compile a list of haunting movies set in the UK as well—considering I live right by the setting of a horror cult classic. In the meantime, I’ll toss you this link to true horror stories of local landlords:  “Tales from the Lettings Side…Mwah-Ha-Ha…

Nothing tingles the spine like the fears reality can throw at you during a relocation. But don’t be afraid—your London Relocation agents will fend off the property poltergeists that could threaten your smooth and safe move. Maybe we can’t do much about the undead, but we certainly won’t let the unethical haunt that lovely apartment of yours!


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