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Where to find American Expats Living In London – Mallrats

If you’re living in London and experiencing a bout of homesickness for the massive American style Malls then you don’t have to go home for a long weekend, you can head just a little way out of London and enjoy the covered Malls and shopping centers. Most Americans moving to London find it a refreshing taste of home, and you are sure to find other American expats living in London there as well. There certainly are a number of advantages to shopping in a shopping center. There is no chance of getting wet in a sudden London downpour, and if you take a car then you won’t have to lug your purchases home on the train.

Living In London – Neighborhoods – West London Part II

Moving to London is not just about moving to a massive city, you can find hidden ​residential areas with different characteristics depending on your price range and what you’re looking for. West London is the choice of many an American moving to London and most Americans and Canadians living in London tend to stay to the west of the city.