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Relocation to London – The International School of London

People who are planning their relocation to as a family should start by looking for schools. Many relocation agents say that your choice of school determines the neighborhood in which you will live.

If you are going to place your child in one of the many excellent state schools in , you have to live in the C catchment area. If you choose to go private, then your neighborhood is not as important, but transport is an ever present issue in and you’ll want your children to be able to get to school as fast as possible after moving to .

Relocation to London’s South Kensington Borough: Corporate Relocation

As a London relocation services company we see a lot of people who are beginning a relocation to London due to a job in London. High paid professionals make up a lot of the South Kensington area residences and it’s where many Americans moving to London choose to live. Even though they are living in London it’s nice to have familiar people and be in an area that is populated by other people familiar with your culture and less reserved in nature. Americans are certainly more outwardly gregarious in gestures and speech patterns than those of a London lineage. The English are just more reserved than most Americans, so being located in one area does have this cultural slant that is just more welcoming.