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Relocating to London – Eating Out – The Celebrity Chef Culture

Moving to London is like moving into a melting pot of culture and cuisine. London is the home of the celebrity chef and this unique manifestation was born and bred in London with the rise to fame of chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes and Gordon Ramsay. There is no better way to experience the ultimate dining experience than by having an evening out at a celebrity chef restaurant in London. Londoners love eating out, and even more than the actual dining experience, they love reviewing the latest restaurants and bars with the aplomb of seasoned critics. Talking about who has been where recently and which celebrity was there is a massive deal for Londoners. You might as well take the plunge and experience some of the best celeb restaurants in the city as a part of your immersion process into life in London.

Relocating to UK: London Sightseeing-the House of Wax Madame Tussauds

Playing tourist while you get settled after a move to London is a great way to experience everything that the city has to offer. It will give you a sense of being a part of this vibrant city as well as giving you some much needed insight and experience of getting around. London is one of the world’s premier tourist destinations and if you are going to live in this beautiful city, then exploring it as a tourist is a great way to start.

Madame Tussauds