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Living in London – As English as…

One of the things most people struggle with when moving to London is adapting to day to day living. When you’re moving to London, you must try to push that concern to one side so that your enthusiasm for the big move isn’t dampened by your anxiety for how it could fail. I think what really helps to ease the transition is discovering something that you like about your new home. It really isn’t that hard (unless you’re determined not to find anything you’ll like).

Living in London – Tea for Two!

Tea and Scones is the kind of thing that’s become so ingrained in the British culture that you could go to any tea room across Britain and be offered a proper English Tea with Scones. It’s also popular outside of Great Britain and you could go as far as South Africa and be able to be served a Cream Tea.

Living in London – Smile for the Camera!

One of my favorite things about living in London is catching the city I live in on the telly. And I don’t just mean EastEnders (though that’s fun too). I mean watching a movie and suddenly seeing a part of the city you visit quite regularly. Like watching ‘Mission Impossible’ and spotting Bankside located nearby to London’s Southwark Bridge. Or an unnervingly empty and desolate Piccadilly Circus in ‘28 Days Later’. It can be loads of fun playing ‘spot-the-location’ while sitting on your couch watching movies or amongst an audience at the cinema. Here are some of my favorite examples of London in the movies.

Living in London – Ghostly Goings On

You’re settled into your new London rental; done the tourist sights and now you may be looking for something a little different. As an American living in London, it may interest you to know that the city is almost two thousand years old. Scattered all over the city are many old buildings, many of which date back to the fifteenth century.

Living in London – The Big Move or The Big Easy?

Moving to London can be, as with moving to any new city, a daunting task. There’s the excitement that comes with moving to somewhere new, looking ahead to meeting new people, broadening the ol’ horizons. But then there’s also the worry of finding a suitable place to stay, the worry that you’ll struggle to adapt to your new home, having to figure things out so that you can do something as basic as go to the shops to get milk and sugar once you have moved into your new London apartment.