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Where to Stay when Searching London Flats

When searching London flats for the perfect place to call home after an international relocation families often find themselves spending lots more money than necessary on a hotel room during the interim. Instead of behaving like a tourist while finalizing the details of the move families moving to London from America should begin embracing the city life and acting as a Londoner. One such way to do that is to take advantage of local inns and bed and breakfasts as a way to explore London neighborhoods and save money. Below is a list of great family-friendly small inns to consider when making travel plans.

The Benefits of a Pre-Move Visit when Moving to London from America

It may be tempting for those moving to London from America to try and cram everything humanly possible into a pre-move trip to the city but we recommend to focus on the most important issues and then try and enjoy the mini-vacation. There will be plenty of time for crazed running around after moving to London from America. The pre-move trip should be reserved for finding a home and getting acquainted with the town. One should consider it like a first date of sorts.

Relocation to London – The Key to Kensington

Having the services of professional London relocation agents is the best way to make sure you will have your own London apartment within a few days of moving to London. If you don’t have any idea of the different neighborhoods and areas of London it can be a challenge to decide on an apartment. You’ll be signing a lease agreement for at least six months to a year and you need to be confident in where you are living so that you can really settle in to London life and enjoy the city.

Relocation UK – Disney Royalty Comes to London!

That’s right – Disney is coming to London, and though it’s not for a few months yet, that gives you plenty of time if you’re moving to London this summer to settle into your London apartment rental and step out into Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. No, they won’t be setting up the Dumbo ride next to the Round Pond, but this is still pretty cool—following in the wake of one tremendous royal event in London (that would be the Royal Wedding, if you couldn’t guess. Derr…) is another:

On October 2nd, Rapunzel will be inducted as the 10th Disney Princess at Kensington Palace!!!

Moving to London – Think about Where you want to Stay.

If you’re moving to London and your relocation agents are on the hunt to help you find a place, then it’s always handy if you have a basic idea of what you’re looking for. That’s assuming that you haven’t gone over to get a firsthand view of what’s available. There...