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Relocation to London – Look Before You Leap

If you have not visited the city before you embark on your relocation to London, you may be frantically trying to find out as much as you can about living in London, Life in England and Great Britain as a whole.

Just as soon as you have decided that you’re moving to London it’s time to get connected to BBC America to get a glimpse of what you can expect from your international relocation. Watching films and television series is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of a country before you make the physical transition. You will develop an ear for the hundreds of different accents that make up English in England, and start to learn about the culture of your new hometown.

Five Top Films To Watch Before You Arrive

· If you haven’t seen it, then you should get Notting Hill out of the way before you start. Unfortunately, this film became the definition of London life for many American’s moving to London, and everyone who is anyone wants to live in quaint Notting Hill. It is a good film but certainly not indicative of life in London by any means.

Living in London – Differences Between The Cultures

If you are moving to London and plan to stay for a few years, then you might like to have an idea about some of the differences that you’ll find between the cultures of the United States and England. It can be confusing when you first move to a new city in a foreign country, and you may be tempted to stay away from mixing with people for fear of ‘getting it wrong’. You might also be tempted to find groups of expats living in London and make them your main social contact group.

Living in London – Tour Guide to the City

First, get settled into your new London apartment and then get out of it! The best way to experience London and to start exploring your new city is to take part in the many tours that London has to offer tourists. This is a large city and it might be wise to spend some time seeing the city from the different perspectives that tourist tours have to offer. It will give you an overview of life in London, plus you’ll be able to entertain all of your friends and relatives who’ll be coming to visit you once you have relocated to London.

“Stone the Perishing Crows!” –Everything you Need to Know About the English Language when moving in London

Part of moving to London is getting settled as fast as possible and you can’t do that unless you have at least a little understanding of the way that people in England speak English. Not everybody sounds like Hugh Grant dripping honey off every vowel and consonant, and not even watching the fabulously funny Bridget Jones will give you a true sense of the way that Londoner’s, and people in England speak English. At times, it might sound as if they’re speaking a foreign language, but with a little help and a good ear, you can be speaking like a local in no time.