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Date Night Ideas after Moving to London, England, Part 2

Most couples like to take one day out of the year (or two or three) to really splurge and show each other how important the other one truly is. After moving to London, England, couples are given a rare opportunity to pull out all the stops and create a simply remarkable date night experience like none other before. This spring couples after moving to London, England can show their love and learn more about their new town by reserving a private capsule on the London Eye.

Relocation to London – New Year’s Resolutions Part 2

With London being such a large city, packed full of so much history and culture, it can quickly become overwhelming for Americans moving to London to organize a system to visit all the important attractions. I recommend those new to the city from corporate relocation to make a New Year’s resolution to see one iconic London attraction a month. By setting up the schedule now, at the end of the current year, one can make sure to take into account weather conditions, special events or features and any other important factors to consider when visiting attractions for which London is famous.

Relocation to London – River Rambles

You cannot say that you have completed your relocation to London unless you have taken a tour of the River Thames. The river is a part of London and is much of a tourist attraction as it is a vital cog in the transport network. If you have visited the London Eye after moving to London you’ll have a great idea of the way that the river snakes back and forth across the city. Spending a day on the River Thames is a phenomenal way of getting to know London.

Relocation to London – Make Like a Tourist

The last thing you want to do after your relocation to London is to forget that you are in one of the most exciting and tourist friendly cities in the world. You should make the time to immerse yourself in the city and everything she has to offer before you settle into your new job and home.

Finding your way around can be confusing after your relocation to London. It is a complicated city, full of winding roads that twist and turn in a seemingly random pattern. Many modern cities are laid out in a grid format which makes them easy to navigate. Not so in London. The city has grown up over centuries, expanding and growing each year.

If you want to get a good idea of how the city is laid out, you should spend a morning soon after moving to London, and visit the London Eye.

Bird’s Eye View of London