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Relocation to London – Is The American School Right for Your Family?

After moving to London parents often worry about their children’s adjustment both socially and emotionally. One option for easing the transition is to enroll them in an American school. The American School, located in the St. John’s Wood neighborhood in London, is a school devoted to teaching Americans using American curriculum.

Living in London – Education: It All Comes Out In the Wash!

If you are an American moving to London and your family is going to be joining you on your adventure then part of your planning is going to be education. Your choice of education for your children will affect which neighborhood of London you choose to live in. The schooling system in England and London especially is divided into districts. You are not allowed to attend a school in another zone or area if you do not live in that area. Notable exceptions are the public schools. (Remember that private schools are known as public schools in England!)

Living In London – Diverse Learning Opportunity

Every year, thousands of foreign students start living in London to begin their studies at university. There are a number of excellent universities in the city and if you have children of college age, then moving to London and attending a university there can be an enriching experience. There are several requirements for attending university in England, and you will be able to apply at several universities even before you leave home.

Living In London – School Days

If you are considering moving to London with children, your first thought is going to be for their schooling. The education system in England is slightly different from that in America or Canada, and it can be confusing at first. You might be tempted to place your older children into an American style school especially if they are of college going age, and there are several schools in London that offer the America syllabus, If you have younger children however, you’ll find that placing them into a local school will help them make friends in the community.