London Relocation’s Top 5 Blog Articles – The Withs & Withouts

Moving here within the next year? Then methinks it’s time for another Top 5 list highlighting some of our blog posts for those looking to rent apartments, but first needing to determine what you’ll be moving into them with or without: [hey, where’s my drumroll?! Ah, that’s better…] 1. Moving to London with a pet […]

London Locals: Art Imitating Life – a London Expat’s Relocation Experience

Just a quick heads-up that if you happen to be moving this week or are already here, artist Charlene Lam is exhibiting her “Someday…Longing in London” artwork as of yesterday through August 15th. From the press release: “SOMEDAY … Longing in London is the first UK solo exhibition of New York-London designer and artist Charlene […]

Calling All Canadians (especially if you’re a TEACHER)!

Author: Colleen If you’re a Canadian teacher moving here, hurrah!  We have some exciting news for you.  We are pleased to have established a new collaboration with Classroom Canada!  Classroom Canada’s lovely owner and operator, Victoria Westcott, is a teacher who has lived in here herself and is now committed to helping fellow North American […]