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Yes. Choosing what to wear when you’re studying abroad in London IS important.

If you’re planning ahead, and you really should be, you’re mentally packing your suitcase now (end of winter) for July (middle of summer). Of course, you’ve read dozens of expat blogs on moving to London and wondering if you should actually pack all your winter clothes when moving for your studies to London – and a few umbrellas, and a raincoat and wellington boots, yes?

3 Indispensable Items to Pack When You’re Studying Abroad in London
3 Coats: You Heard Me!

studying abroad in London raincoat

A raincoat is right at the top of the list. It rains in London, sometimes quite a lot, sometimes many times in one day with bright sunshine in between. Even a waterproof windbreaker will do if you don’t want to invest in a longer trench coat. I’d also consider bringing a lightweight jacket or short coat, as well as a long wool coat or parka for chilly days. You may be spending July and August in the summer sun getting up in your new apartment, but the weather can turn nasty in early September and a wet/cold summer in London is not unheard of…

Swimsuit and Shorts: Yup!

Just because we’ve got you buying coats and scarves and boots ahead of your summer move to London, doesn’t mean that you should not be prepared for a jaunt to sunnier climes. In the middle of October when you’re freezing and soaking wet, lugging twelve grocery bags up four flights of stairs and regretting your decision of studying abroad in London, you WILL go to Spain for a mini-break! Or the south of France, or Greece, or Turkey – and you’ll be glad that you packed your shorts and tees and swimwear.

Flats and Boots and Trainers

This isn’t New York, no one wears stilettos on the Tube, or risks breaking their neck on a London pavement (sidewalk) wearing their heels. Also, the distance – you’ll be walking around London a LOT. Get some sturdy boots, trainers and flat shoes. Personally, I don’t go anywhere without 3 pairs of ballet flats in my suitcase! Oh, and break them in ahead of your move. Trust me on this…

While you may be tempted to pack light and buy some fabulous rags in London, you should also pack some comfy clothes that you’ve already worn in. Opt for darker colored jeans, a pair of black trousers and some light sweaters. You want to hit the ground running when you get to London and start exploring the city and having fun, rather than worrying about what to wear.

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