If the official side of your relocation to London is getting you down, you need to remember that you’re moving to one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Part of your planning sould be to make a list of the attractions that you absolutely-have-to see when you arrive.

This is the time to act like a tourist. Get out your camera and enjoy the tourist attractions that London does so well. Before too long you’ll be settled into a new job, a new home and a new life. You don’t want to miss out on the sense of wonder and awe that you will feel as a tourist.

Relocation to London – Tourist Tours – The Tower of London

Arguably among one of the most famous landmarks and tourist attractions in London. When you’re settled into your routine of work and home after your relocation to London; you may just miss the chance to visit one of the most historical and interesting sights in the city.

Located on the banks of the River Thames, the Tower of London has survived wars and bombings to remain resolute and a stalwart sign of the power of England. The Tower of London was built in the reign of William the Conqueror back in the 11th century. At different times in history it has been seen as a sign of freedom or as a powerful symbol of an oppressive regime. It all depended on who was locked in the tower.

It has been in turn, a prison, a fortress and even a palace for the reigning kings and queens of England. Despite its gruesome reputations for beheadings and torture, only seven people were executed within the Tower walls until the start of WW1. Most executions in London were held on Tower Hill which is a little way to the north. During WW1 and WW2 the Tower was used as a prison and saw the execution of 12 men for espionage. Bloodthirsty lot!

When you arrive after your relocation, you should get a ‘London Pass’ which allows you to travel to and visit a number of important tourist attractions for a discount.

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