As we are a blog about relocation to London, it’s important that we let you know about the neighborhoods so many of you Canadians moving end up selecting as a location to be here; Camden.  Camden area is a terrific area, a suburb and has great amenities in the local area.

Camden is on the north end and bordering Camden is the Royal Regent’s Park.  Regent’s Park has its own underground station on the Bakerloo line.  This outstanding treasure is 166 hectares (410 acres for you North Americans) and its rose garden is one of the most visited.  The park has excellent sports facilities of which 100 acres of the park are dedicated to.  It’s the largest outdoor sports area, for all of you moving with boys or girls into sports (or grown husbands looking for pickup games).  Regent’s Park has the world’s first Zoo opened in 1848.  The amenities of this playground for families, couples, and singles is a perfect addition to an active lifestyle in which outdoors and exercise is a priority in your living in London. For the health conscious and the nature and theater lovers who are considering a relocation to London should contemplate living near this London treasure.

The Regent Parks Open Air Theatre is one of the most intimate seating arrangement of 1,240 people you will ever be a part of.  Each summer beginning in May they put on the first of four productions that are provocative, dramatic, and very well done by the company of actors.  Being in the final of this year’s four production now playing is likely of great interest to those Americans moving to London, it’s a Charles Gershwin’s’ “Crazy for You”.

For those of you living in London whose relocation is already complete, you have two weeks left to catch the production.  Ending in just 15 days, Crazy for You is playing nightly at 7:45 p.m. and is an excellent evening outdoors enjoying something contemporary and immersing yourself in the arts a bit.  It’s also a perfect date night destination J Gershwin’s always light and uplifting to the mood and spirit, a true legend of the glamorous age of Hollywood when productions were the largest form of entertainment in the entire world.

Check out your surroundings while living here, your relocation agent can forward or email you more information about the neighborhood of Camden, and we’ll be sure to give you more posts about it and the amenties living in London’s north end has to offer you.  Just respond to this post’s comments if you care for us to send you example apartment listings and average pricing in the area, oh and please include your name and email.  With that I will leave you of a description of the Regent Park Open Air Theatre’s description on their website, having enjoyed shows there (yes on date night) myself with my significant other, I can tell you that I couldn’t describe it better myself:

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is the only permanent professional outdoor theatre in Britain. Its steeply raked auditorium is one of the largest in London with 1,240 seats, yet those who attend say it is one of the most intimate. Each night an incomparable atmosphere is created by the buzz of people enjoying their theatre going in every sense: people setting up hampers on the picnic lawn, filling their glasses with wine or drinking Pimms in the bar as the fairy lights twinkle in the trees.  

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