Even if you use a service to help you find property in London, it’s still a potentially challenging process. Our 5 top tips to help you find property in London will help you define what you want up front, so that the search is less complicated and less stressful. If you’re moving to London from overseas or it’s your first time in London, the process, paperwork and pitfalls can seem overwhelming at times. Sure you’re relocating to one of the greatest, most exciting cities on the planet, but getting the details sorted can be a nightmare.

Our Top 5 Tips to Find Property in London

At London Relocation not only do you get a personal Move Coach to help you through the process of finding property to rent in London, but our starting point is a Needs Assessment that covers every aspect of your move – all of the things that you’ve already thought about and then a few dozen that never crossed your mind!


#1 Prepare for Additional Costs

Renting in London is expensive, but people trying to find property in London tend to forget the additional costs (deposit, first month’s rent upfront, utilities, agent fees if you’re not using us!) that ‘add’ to the entire cost of moving to London and finding your perfect pad. Plan ahead so you’re not bowled over by the true cost of renting in London.

#2 Reference Yourself

Not only is renting in London expensive, landlords are picky. The sheer demand for property in London has allowed landlords and property owners to accept only the best renters. Plan ahead by getting preparing your renter profile and having all the paperwork you need upfront and ready to roll when you find a property in London that you want to rent.

#3 Know Your Areas

Spend some time doing research on the areas that you’re interested in. Ask your search agent for detailed guides to each area that you’re thinking of renting in and make sure that the neighborhood fits YOUR needs and not the other way around.

#4 Stay Cool and Be Flexible

Sometimes it’s literally a race to get to the landlord and get your rental application in first. Demand for good property in London is high. Landlords can pick and choose. You need to be prepared to a) walk away from a deal if it’s not 100% in your favor (ask us how we do this) or to look at different options on the market if you don’t immediately find that charming Victorian in Notting Hill that you had your heart set on.

#5 Use London Relocation to Find Property in London

Not only do we have access to properties that haven’t even been listed yet, we also have the top choices from all London’s estate agents and realtors on our client portal for you to browse at your leisure. Imagine all the London properties from Zoopla, except you have a personal Move Coach to browse properties with you – no matter where you are in the world.

To view all our properties and set up an appointment for your Needs Assessment ahead of our summer viewing schedule, call Corrina on +44 207 993 0422 (UK) or tollfree from US & CANADA 1-800-903-1658


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