London is a shimmering cultural gem set within the cities of the world. There are a host of fabulous reasons why relocating to this wonderful city provides those moving into London flats with a host of adventurous and exciting opportunities to be culturally enhanced.

Here are 10 of facts about this shining city, many of which can be used to get away from London flats and expand your cultural awareness.

Fact #1 – London proudly boasts of having more languages spoken within its boundaries than in any other city around the globe.

Fact #2 – There are more than 170 museums in the city, 11 of which are national museums. These fine establishments house centuries of culture including such items as the Rosetta Stone, located in the British Museum, which dates back to 196 BC.

Fact #3 – The city also holds three of the world’s 10 most popular museums and art galleries. You will find a huge array of art galleries numbering close to 860.

Fact #4 – Four world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO are here which are Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Maritime Greenwich, Tower of London, and Westminster Palace (including St. Margaret’s Church and Westminster Abbey).

Fact #5 – More than 380 public libraries and 800 bookshops are located near London flats, including the prestigious British Library.

Fact #6 – If you like music then you will enjoy visiting some of the 17,000+ performances that take place each year held at over 300 venues. Be sure to catch a variety of concerts at the world’s favorite arena, The O2.

Fact #7 – Festivals are other fun activities which abound around London flats. There are nearly 250 of these fun events scattered throughout the city each year. A couple of the biggest and best are the Notting Hill Carnival and the Mayor’s Thames Festival.

Fact #8 – Chuckling until your sides hurt is another experience that you will find in this great city that hosts more new and established comedy acts than anywhere else in the world.

Fact #9 – The capital of the UK has become a powerhouse at producing British films, taking third place in the world. It now regularly spits out such hits as Harry Potter, James Bond’s Skyfall (the 23rd Bond film), Clockwork Orange, and Notting Hill.

Fact #10 – Of course, you will also find that great music continues to flow from this marvelous city. Best-selling artists such as the late Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Adele, and others mesmerize the masses with their magical musical abilities. Also, the world’s oldest active music hall, Wilton’s Music Hall built in 1743, offers visitors a taste of musical history as well as great sounds.

Get Help with Your Relocation

As you can see, there are reasons galore to relocate to this exciting city and these ten facts are just the tip of the iceberg. You will also find a third of the archives of the United Kingdom housed here at the National Archives and others, the world’s leading design event held each year at the London Design Festival, and 200+ Shakespeare showings at The Globe theatre and other West End venues.

If moving to this vibrant city is on your bucket list, let our consultants assist you with your relocation. We will help you find London flats as well as provide a treasure trove of other valuable services that will make your move here practically care free. Contact us today and begin gorging on the great sights, sounds, and experiences surrounding beautiful London flats.

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