Tips For Moving To London With Family

As if finding a flat in London from overseas is not stressful enough, when you move with family it can be ten times the work. Because of this, you have to be prepared for everything that the move could throw at you. This means planning ahead and being aware of what may go wrong along the journey. Consider these three tips that could help you to find a flat in London and settle in the city within a few days of relocating.

Create A List

It may seem obvious, but when you find a flat in London you would benefit from making a list. Due to everything passing by in a whirlwind, there is a big possibility you could forget to do something or possibly forget to bring something on your travels. A system of record keeping will ensure that you are on track at all times. A spreadsheet created on the computer outlining the contents of every single box will prevent you from losing any possessions. In addition to this, have a checklist of things you need to do as soon as you leave the airport. This could be things such as applying for a visa, getting your bank details sorted, hiring a relocation agent to find a flat in London, etc.

Get Plenty Of Supplies

After you find a flat you really must have all the necessities on hand. This includes living provisions such as food, washing supplies, bed sheets, clothing, etc. Because you will be so busy as soon as you move all of your belongings into a new apartment or flat, it is highly unlikely you will have time to explore the city and find where the nearest stores are right away. As well as this, the traffic system in London is primarily based on catching a bus or jumping on the tube, so until you notice where the nearest transport options are when you find a flat, keep at least a month’s worth of supplies nearby.

Organize Important Papers

Finally, there will be a stack of papers you need to fill out and keep in a reachable place when you find a flat. Examples of some important papers include birth certificates, passports, mover estimates, school records, bank statements, bills, contact numbers, and job applications to name a few. At some point during the first few weeks of your move, you will require these things and it is best to keep them in a secure location so that you do not feel frantic hunting through your assortment of boxes when you find a flat in London.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS