OPDC developement center

While many in the local London area are familiar with Old Oak Park, those new to the area will discover and up and coming area in the midst of redevelopment.  Currently, Old Oak Park is held in a joint venture between London & Regional Properties, the developer, and the landowner, Carigiant Corporation.  The team has developed a master plan for the area that will bring in over 8,000 new jobs for Londoner’s and the building of 7,000 new homes in just the Old Oak Park area alone.  The new home market in London is in clear need of new and updated properties that will boost the area economy and update the number of choices both for those looking to buy and to let.

The Old Oak Park area is scheduled to have a great many open spaces, with a marketplace and a cultural quarter.  Old Oak Park is working in conjunction with the Old Oak Park & Royal Development Corporation, (OPDC) in regenerating the entire Old Oak and Park Royal areas.  The OPDC has a number of sites underway in the area of development with progression on schedule with the development plan set forth.

The OPDC has a boundary that includes three Boroughs. With the addition of the rest of the development there will be 25,500 new builds and a total of 65,000 projected jobs. This local portion of the development plan is set to begin in 2017 following the on-going consultation with the city. The site is located within the Mayoral Development Corporation, (MDC).  In addition, there is planned new HS2 and Crossrail Station the size of Waterloo’s that will be located at Old Oak Common, and in Park Royal, Europe’s largest industrial park.


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