The majority of people consider London apartments for rent because they like the idea of city life. While this is all good and well, it is just as important to have an understanding on what each area of this metropolitan city has to offer. One location that is often overlooked is Dalston. Once named the ‘coolest part of London’, Dalston has much to offer those who are seeking out London apartments for rent.

Where Is Dalston?

Dalston is a district that builds up part of North-East London and apartments for rent can be found here in the Borough of Hackney. There are many historical borders for this area, including Kingsland High Street and Kingsland Road. Dalston is a major section of London’s inner center. There has been much redevelopment here lately, with some increase in property prices. Despite this, most areas are affordable and offer a range of desirable properties. Dalston Kingsland Railway Station is nearby, meaning that if you get London apartments for rent here, you will have no trouble in commuting from place to place.

Things To Do In Dalston

You will not be left bored when you get an apartment for rent in the Dalston area. Although it is not spoken about as much as other parts of the city, Dalston is still favored for its beautiful landscapes and sociable areas. If you are someone who enjoys making your way down to the local pub, then you should indulge in one of the many pubs here, including The Dove and Prince George. For those who enjoy quiet walks in natural surroundings, there is a friendly atmosphere here with many attractive parks. A cinema is present too, as well as markets, restaurants and various local activities. Choose apartments for rent here with the help of a professional relocation agent.

Why Choose Apartments In Dalston?

Most people pick Dalston as an area to invest in an apartment for rent because the locals are friendly, there is much to do, a wide range of properties and it is generally a peaceful area. Socializing is easy here, as well as the ability to take advantage of many public services. Schools here have great reviews, so if you are relocating with family, you should have no trouble in getting a good place of education for your child. Hackney Council are devoted to making Dalston a better place to live in all of the time with added transport options being incorporated all of the time. Consider viewing one of the many London apartments for rent here beforehand, to make the right decision.

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