Taking the time to fully unwind is much needed after moving into your London flatsand there is no better way to do this than to indulge in a spa break. A spa break is ideal for you and a friend, your partner or for the whole family. Regardless of who you are with, consider one of the following three weekend excursions to put your mind at rest after relocating to London flats.

Detox In East Wittering

East Wittering is in East Sussex and you can get transport here from your London flats. The best form of transport would be to travel via train and if you pick up a ‘Travelcard’, your fare will be much cheaper. Generally, the fastest journey would start from Victoria to Chichester. Upon arriving in Chichester, Jem or Mandy have regular pick-ups.  When you journey to East Wittering, you can fully detox with their deep-tissue cleanse or a four-day juice fast. No matter what one you choose, you will leave feeling completely rejuvenated and healthy. Reflexology and colonic irrigation are some treatments available here, so it is worth saving your pennies after you buy London flats if you want to eliminate toxins from your system.

Yoga On Bournemouth Beach

If you enjoy yoga, or if you have never tried it but are interested then take part in some yoga sessions on Bournemouth Beach, which again is a train ride away from London flats. Waterloo station is the place to begin your adventure with most train rides taking 1 hour 50 minutes. Bournemouth maintains a spectacular beach with panoramic views and miles of golden sand. This haven is a favorite for people who enjoy day and weekend trips with those they hold closest to their heart. Holistic yoga sessions are held here during most of the summer months, and if you want to practice a new art after buying a flat, then participate in some martial arts sessions too.

The Lifehouse In Essex

Essex is in relatively close proximity to most flats with transportation being made available via train, then taxi. The Lifehouse is a spa with many features including fitness sessions, life coaching, weight-loss advice, nutrition, gyms, swimming pools and many more. A weekend break is ideal here and you can choose between one of the many fully adapted guest rooms. Alternatively, spend a little more money for an included massage, complete spa use and full board amenities. The Lifehouse is set in spacious, green grounds meaning that you will return to your London flats feeling calm and revived.

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