There are a bunch of things to know when moving to London. Even more when you’re moving to London from the US, Canada, basically anywhere not actually in London…

If you have just arrived in London, and are panicking about not being able to find an apartment before your new job starts (we can help). Or thinking about moving when school starts in September (we can help students moving to London too). Or wondering how you’ll manage with your pets and kids. We certainly help with pet relocation and family moves to London. Or you’re dream of moving to the Big Smoke is a couple of years away (never too soon to start planning ahead, we always say).
We’re here to help you find your way to London, and find your feet once you get here.

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Top 3 Things to Know When Moving to London


Not Always Notting Hill

Think outside of the box when it comes to searching for property in London. Despite what you’ve heard (and the jokes) living in Putney can be thrilling. Though many Americans moving to the UK tend to congregate in West London, there are hundreds of neighborhoods that are just as charming and village-like as quaint Notting Hill. Think of London as a collection of mini-towns within a big town. Each suburb has its own types of quaint, and quirks. Part of the fun of a relocation to London is finding out which one fits your quirks! Our Orientation Service is a great way to find out which neighborhood suits your style before you slap six months deposit on your new flat down on the table.


It’s More Expensive Than You Think

The ridiculous stories about people being charged a fortune for an apartment the size of a shoe box, are unfortunately… True. Depending on the suburb, you can start anywhere up from around £275 per week. That’s for something that may need a bit of attention, though will be slightly bigger than a shoe box, more like a boot box size of apartment. Get real, get educated on London property prices before starting a property search.

So now you’re broke, spend three hours a day on the tube/train/bus to get to work, when does the fun part start to happen?


Free London, Get Out of London, Walk London

London has amazing free attractions; most of the museums are open for free, and discounts on just about everything you can think about. If you thought that couponing was an American thing, think again! London can be very fast paced at times. If it’s your first time in the UK, use your time in London, to get OUT of London at the weekends and explore some of the UK. Also walk. Walk as much as you can, download the Citymapper App and explore your new home.

There are loads of things your need to know when moving to London, but what you need to know is that you’re on an adventure. Plan ahead, stick to your budget and above all don’t spend all your time in the your new flat. No matter how fabulous it is.

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