Woo-woo!  I mentioned Partridge’s before as a great grocery store to hit for your fix of American products not otherwise to be found in London.  Well, another treasure has been discovered in Holland ParkThe American Food Store!!!  Quite the aptly named retailer; leaves no question that, yes, they will have your Kraft Mac-n-Cheese and Aunt Jemima syrup!  And apparently, they will order the items you crave as well…or maybe that’s only if you get in good with the owner, as my friends evidently did with their friendly banter, those saucy minxes 😉

As I do say time and again, of course moving to London means having the opportunity to explore new cultures and the cuisine that goes with it—as we should.  The remarkable aspect of this city, however, is its variety of ethnic cuisines, so why not throw some American pancakes and ready-made-pie-crust into the big ol’ melting pot?  Just a pinch here and there to please the palate…it’s natural to crave the flavors you grew up with, after all.  That’s why we see so many people getting busted on those shows they air here like Passport Patrol—people are always trying to smuggle goods in from their homeland without claiming it at customs!

And I shall be one of them.  Folks, I’m Chicago-bound tomorrow, so I’m making my list and will check it twice…to make sure it’s airport security compliant, naturally 🙂  And when that stash runs out, I’ll be heading to the American Food Store at 2 Ladbroke Grove, W11 3BG.

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